About Us


Our Company

Soh Engineering was incorporated in Singapore in 1969 specialising in the manufacture supply of Extended Surface Heat Exchanger Tubes,Economiser Finned-Tubes and Water Cooled Condensers for fresh and sea water applications. Since then, our company has grown to be one of the best primary manufacturer providing customised solutions in the product for our customers.


Our Vision

Soh Engineering has the vision to be the best manufacturer brand with customised solutions in South-East Asia in the provision of marine boilers and steam systems to the marine and petrochemical industry. Our team of dynamic, highly qualified and experienced personnel aims to offer comprehensive support with reliable and efficient customer service and top quality materials and products to our customers.


Our Services

Supply of cleanable water cooled condensers for fresh & sea water applications   Manufacture and supply of economizer H-Fin and Helical Fin Tubes
Supply of enhanced fin tubes for Condenser Retubing   Supply of boiler tubes
Economiser Retubing   Voyage, overseas and local boiler repair
Heat Exchanger Retubing   Boiler Inspection

Our Specialty

With in-house technological knowledge, we are able to customize the condenser to meet the requirements of the customers in terms of the space constraints, the refrigerants used and the specifications set by the various marine class surveys. We have a standard range of fresh water cooled or sea water cooled condenser for customers to choose from catering for land based and marine based applications.


Our Quality Assurance

At Soh Engineering, we place the most stringent quality requirements on our products and services. Our highly skilled engineers ensure that all stages of works undertaken are subject to and comply with quality assurance regulations and are guaranteed accordingly.