Sec Condensers

As a critical component in the heart of the air-conditioning system, the condensers extracts the heat absorbed by the refrigerants and dissipates the heat though the enhanced tubes by using water as a cooling medium.


Construction Features

It’s heavy gauged tubes with a 26 fins/inch of integral enhanced Finned Tubes. This ensures maximum heat transfer and compactness of condenser size.

Sight glass, liquid service valve/flanges, inlet coupling/flanges are standard features.

Heavy gauge steel pipe used for shell.

Easily removable cast iron end covers with inner epoxy coating for fresh water applications and additional zinc anodes for marine applications.

Thick tube sheets of carbon steel, stainless steel or cladded plates used for fresh water and marine applications respectively.

Manufactured using ASME and TEMA pressure vessel codes as guidelines.


Extra Features

Condensers designs are available for various Freon Gases. Eg.R134a, R404a, R407c, R22, R502, R507

Components such as bronze end covers, naval brass or copper nickel tube plates can be customised upon request.

*Unique Services
We are able to supply the design and fabrication of condensing units and air handling units for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications to meet the various needs and customize them upon request.